NYC Gay Parade 2012

There was something very special about the New York City Gay parade this year. I’m not quite sure what it was but it felt more “solemn” (weird choice of words but can’t think of other). And I mean that in a good way -- after all -- it marked the first anniversary of marriage equality and quite some progress has been made during last year for LGBT rights (while writing this, I can almost hear my Gay friends saying “that we still have a long way to go”).

Perhaps it had to do with Obama voicing his support to the Gay community or having New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo, marching down 5th Avenue while the crowds cheered on. Maybe it was the NYPD and the NYC Firemen, whom also marched down the street to show their support. Or the big companies like Delta Airlines, supporting their Gay employees and partners, all wearing red t-shirts and waving flags. Or all those different Churches and Religious affiliations, with its members carrying banners for tolerance and acceptance. 

Whatever it was, it made me happy and proud to live in NYC. And I loved that my kids where there to witness it too.

This year’s parade crowd was definitely more mixed and diverse -- I don’t mean ethnically -- it was filled with full families, friends and co-workers who attended the parade regardless of their sexual orientation.

Now as a new generation of gay parents raises their children, all kids should become allies in the fight for LGBT rights. They should learn from an early age, that tolerance is key to become a good human being.
In our house we use the word “gay” to define homosexuality, so Juliana knows exactly that’s the only thing it means. It’s not that we talk about it all the time, but she knows we have gay friends and gay family members so I want her to understand that they’re just like her parents.

It was actually quite easy to give it to her, Most families have a Mom and a Dad, but some families have two Moms or two Dads” 
Her only reaction was, “How do men have babies without a Mom?”

So I gave her a simple explanation that left her content and that was that. I told her that everyone ends up with the right parents for “them” whether they have two moms, two dads, a single mom, a single dad, foster parents or if they’re being raised by bears. At home I strongly promote embracing the fact that we’re all different. It’s much more fun.

I also read once: “Get to your kid before ignorance does.” So I did.
I believe in being honest with my kids and giving it to them like it is.

And all the intolerant, Republicans, homophobes, the One Million (insane) Moms and the Pope, should realize already that the gay agenda is not “everybody should be gay” but simply “everybody should be themselves.”

“Be whomever you want to be” it’s actually a great message to teach our kids, because it teaches them acceptance and tolerance as much as it teaches them to accept their own selves.

We all have a right to live our life how we want to and love whom we want to, as long as we have respect for everyone else on this planet.  

I cried a little watching the parade, and Juliana asked me, “Why are your crying Mom?”
I said I was happy that the world was moving in a good direction.
I also said to her "I love NY"
She said, "I do too"

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